Top Wholesale Hemp Flower Strains That Can Be Used To Relieve Pain

Top Wholesale Hemp Flower Strains That Can Be Used To Relieve Pain

Have you ever smoked marijuana before? If so, then smoking CBD flower or bud would not be any different. They only differ when it comes to the effects; CBD flower deprives you of the easy high fix. It has become prominent over the years, not to mention that the methods of consuming it have increased. The high flower CBD strain is habitually obtained from hemp; hence, if you thought that it is obtained, traditionally, you are wrong. For that reason, their CBD percentage is usually high and ranges from 5 to 20%.  The amounts of THC that is also in CBD flower strain tends to be low or rather less than 0.3% legally. The points that follow show the best CBD flower strains for pain.


It is renowned for giving the user more energy and also aid in flowing one’s creative juices. Hence, it can work well on an artist in any field. If you are in a toxic working environment and are regularly stressed because of work, this is the CBD flower strain that can relieve you. Besides that, it can make you more productive. It has an average CBD percentage of 19%, and it works optimum when taken in the morning; hence, do not take it later. Lifter helps your nerves to calm down while maintaining a clear chain of thoughts.


It has electrifying properties which can help you to get through a tough day. When taken, it keeps the mind sober and motivated, especially with a cup of coffee. It is best used during the morning hours. The average CBD percentage that it contains is 18%. If you are also experiencing any pain whatsoever, it can help in relieving you.

Sour Space Candy

This strain is mostly consumed during the day. It has unique effects, which include a feeling of euphoria, mental stimulation, and helps muscles to be more relaxed alongside many others. If you are an introverted individual who struggles with socializing with other people in events, sour space candy is right for you since it can help you be more friendly and talkative. It contains an average of 15% of CBD.

Hawaiian Haze.

This is a versatile strain hence can be used in whatever situation, not to mention at any time. Many people would prefer to go for something all-purpose instead of having a variety of strains; it will be tedious. Being a well-rounded strain, you would expect it to have numerous effects on the user. They include relieving pain, reducing anxiety, increasing productivity, and giving one a sense of relaxation. If you love a tasty strain, this is for you since it has a citrusy flavor, not to forget that it is balanced. It is a hybrid and also contains 14 percent of CBD.

Special Sauce

This strain is different in that whenever it is used; its effects vary from one person to the other; thus, whatever effect you may experience may not be experienced by someone else. It is flexible since you can use it either at night or during the day. However, it would be a good idea to use it when you have no errands to tend to so that you can know how it affects you. Giving it a try when you are going to work, for instance, may put your career at stake if things go haywire. Special sauce is a hybrid that contains an average of 14% CBD.

The above points show the best CBD flower strains for pain. Being knowledgeable about CBD will not hurt anybody; it may come in handy in the future. A friend or better yet, a member of the family may need to use it sometime, and you could help them know about all the effects that they may undergo. Hence do not overlook this article because you only know the downside of marijuana.

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